Propane Tank Art Archives

Garden Kitty Yard Ornament


The Scary Kitty garden Sculpture is made from a recycled propane tank from earth friendly materials. He’ll brighten up your garden or yard and keep the mice away at the same time


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Yard Shark Sculpture


The Yard Shark recycled propane tank garden ornament looks dangerous but he’s really quite friendly. He’s actually a vegetarian so you need not worry about losing your Cat or Chihuahua. He can be used as an indoor outdoor planter or as a kindling holder indoors next to your fireplace or wood stove.

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Garden Dog Ornament

Dog yard ornament

Dog garden sculpture

Is your neighbor’s cat poopin in your garden? If so you need Butch the Garden Dog. He’s called a garden dog because he’ll be Gardin’ your Garden. He’s made from a recycled propane tank and can be used in a variety of ways in your yard, or, indoors as a planter, a kindling holder or even (ironically) as a fun place for your kitty to hide and sleep.

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Buzz the Garden Bee


Garden Bee Yard Art

Buzz the recycled propane tank garden bee. He makes a great planter, or just as just a cool piece of art to liven up your outdoor or indoor living space.

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